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This is Antarctica like you’ve never seen it before.

Got 5 minutes? Allow us to transport you with an Antarctic experience like no other.

Our latest exhibit, Antarctica 101, is an immersive audiovisual experience providing a unique introduction to Antarctica.

The exhibit showcases the extraordinary diversity of Antarctica in a 5 minute looped film. You’ll see glaciers, the spectacular aurora and night sky, New Zealand’s Scott Base, magnificent whales, lounging seals, Emperor and Adelie penguins, Hägglunds, scientists, an Antarctic Storm and more.

As you enter the space, you’ll be surrounded by large video wall projections featuring the best of Antarctica set to a rousing soundscape (the images above are a sneak preview of some of the incredible footage on display).

A treat for the senses, Antarctica 101 provides extraordinary insight into the continent that inspires a sense of adventure, resilience and innovation in all who bear witness to it.

From sweeping landscapes and penguin rookeries to the deep blue of an under ice ocean, Antarctica 101 allows you to witness the icy continent’s awe-inspiring grandeur in this stunning short film.

Edge-blended projection technology is used to show the Antarctic landscapes on the space’s curved wall that stands an impressive 20m wide and 6m high.

Two smaller walls feature intimate, close-up visual imagery supporting the feature wall space.

Drawing on their professional expertise and deep knowledge of Antarctica, this project was envisaged by Ipsum Group’s Paula Granger and created by award-winning filmmaker and Antarctican, Anthony Powell, with whale footage contributed by Dr Regina Eisert, and AV delivered by Scott Davis of DarkArts Global.

Antarctica 101 is fun and inspiring for all ages and is the perfect place to begin your journey with us.

See it for yourself at the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, open daily from 9am – 4.30pm.

The Antarctica 101 space is also available to hire for corporate functions at our centre.