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Education is at the Heart of What We Do

Our goal is to inspire the next generation of scientific explorers. We can deliver a range of programmes, enriching local curriculum through a variety of mediums including Mātauranga Māori. Check out more information about our education programmes below.


Partner with us around our specialised programmes for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Science, Social Sciences and Tourism courses. Whether you are focusing on Extreme Environments, Sir Edmund Hillary, History, the Antarctic Treaty, Climate Change, or Technology in Antarctica we have a range of ways we can support the New Zealand curriculum by providing inspiring LEOTC field trips.


If you need a unique holiday programme that will provide life-long memories, enroll in our holiday programmes and we will entertain and educate your children about everything Antarctic. They will discover our little blue penguins, ride the Hägglund, find out how to survive in Antarctica, go exploring around the centre, play games, and more.


From the early Māori Rangatira like Tamarereti, who chased the Tahu-nui-a-rangi (Aurora) to Ui-te-Rangiora who saw icebergs rise from the sea, in our education programme you’ll learn about the first people who travelled into Antarctic waters. Learn about how Māori navigated the Southern Oceans, how they lived according to Matariki and showed kaitiaki for the Tohorā ( Whales ) and Kororā ( Penguins ) through their relationship with Tangaroa the God of the seas.



Whether you are planning an orientation programme, field trip, or project we can support your students across a range of sciences and humanities. We focus on the air (atmosphere), water (hydrosphere), ice (cryosphere), and the land (geosphere) with a range of geological and biological exhibits about Antarctica. We can work with your team to develop your own specialised programme. Click learn more to request more information.



Whether you are supporting preschool, sports, team building, senior citizens, or astro-tourism groups, we can provide an exhilarating adventure through our centre. Includes the penguin feeding, storm, Hägglund, or 4D for your exciting expedition to Antarctica.



Science Alive and Education Perfect have partnered with the International Antarctic Centre to produce an online module, ‘Antarctic Adventures – See It, Love It, Save It.’ The collaboration provides interactive lessons covering three distinct topics. ‘See it’ allows students to discover the history and technological advances in Antarctica; ‘Love it’ lets them explore the changing Antarctic climate and environmental impacts of global warming, and ‘Save it’, inspiring children to take action through a project-based learning approach. Click learn more for support with online Antarctic Adventures.