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International Antarctic Centre Experiences

At the International Antarctic Centre, our visitor experiences have been carefully developed to offer adrenalin and inspiration, education and entertainment. Below are a few more details about what kinds of experiences you can expect at the International Antarctic Centre with a General Admission or  Penguin Backstage Experience.

Storm Experience

A great poet once said, “What’s cooler than being cool? (It’s) ice-cold.” Chilled to minus 8° Celsius, swept through by a minus 18°C wind, buffeted by a realistic Antarctic storm, this room is definitely cooler than cool. Get ready for a world of chill.

Hägglund Field Trip

So you think your commute is rough? You haven’t experienced anything until you’ve buckled up and held on aboard our Hägglunds – our amazing all-terrain amphibious Antarctic vehicle. You’ll feel what it’s like driving across the ice, up and down hills, above crevasses and through water – the end of the road is just the start of your journey.

Penguin Rescue

While our Little Blue penguins are the smallest team members, they more than make up for their lack of size with superior fish-catching abilities and an enduring talent for overall cuteness. Each day at 10:30am and 3pm it’s feeding time, which is a real highlight for them, for us and for the many spellbound penguin watchers.

4D Theatre

“It’s like you were really there” is the type of praise good filmmaking receives. This makes the films shown in our 4D theatre truly the very best of intense, in-your-face cinema. It’s an experience so immersive you’ll leave the theatre slightly bedraggled, incredibly wide-eyed and absolutely, undoubtedly exhilarated.

Antarctic Gallery

It’s a whole lot of icy continent in one convenient space – a gallery full of science and magic that encourages you to delve deeper into the importance of Antarctica. With a few small steps you’ll cover miles of ice and walk through decades of history – this is an exhibit that rewards every second you’ll spend here.

Generation Antarctica

They say no two snowflakes are the same. Watching our crystal-clear HD screen, you just might be able to spot the difference. It’s a massive canvas for you to witness incredible short films. There’s no better way to get the big picture of Antarctica.

Behind the Scenes Tours

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes in making sure our flipper-flapping friends are healthy and happy. Take an exclusive tour behind the scenes and you’ll get to experience it all. It’s the closest you can get to the penguin life without diving right in.