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If there’s anywhere in the world that teaches the importance of community, it’s Antarctica. In our little slice of the Antarctic we know what it’s like to work in a great team.

That’s why we appreciate the local groups that work hard to support and nurture Christchurch youth. It is amazing what community leaders are doing everyday to inspire and educate the next generation of explorers, and how they’re showing where shared goals, pride in work and strength in unity can take you.

This year we’ve developed our sponsorship process and extended our collaborative reach through the local communities.

We currently sponsor Linwood Rugby Club, Ferrymead Bays Football, Harewood Hockey and St Albans Shirley Football. We provide support in a number of ways, including player of the day awards, apparel purchasing, fundraising evenings here at the centre and a referral rebate scheme where clubs can earn extra on purchased tickets here.

Our support doesn’t stop here – there is a huge range of organisations we enjoy backing. With everything from donating products and services to help with fundraising, silent auctions and prize hampers to hosting events, we like to see our efforts do good out in the world.