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a snow covered mountain

As advocates for Antarctica our ears always prick up when news arrives of what’s happening in this important environment.

A study published on January 14 this year highlights that ice is melting more than six times faster than it did in the 1980s. Using aerial photographs, satellite measurements and computer models scientists have tracked 176 different basin areas in Antarctica since 1979.

Eric Rignot, a University of California ice scientist, was a lead author on the new study. His team found that East Antarctica is now melting considerably too, joining with major losses in West Antarctica and the Antarctica Peninsula.

The new data indicates that human-caused climate change is directly affecting the accelerated ice loss – and the consequences of major sea level rise may be huge.

Never has it been more apparent that there’s now a massive need for dramatic change throughout society. We must reduce the melt, protect this environment and ensure that future generations can live in world we are proud of.


Photo credit: Joe MacGregor / NASA