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Antarctic Academy Programmes

There’s no cooler school holiday inspiration and entertainment

Need a unique school holiday programme in Christchurch that will provide life-long memories? Why not send them to Antarctica? Adventure, fun, excitement and enlightenment – it’s all waiting for them here.

Enrol your children in one of our Antarctic Academy Programmes and we’ll entertain them and educate them about all things Antarctic. They’ll discover our little blue penguins, ride the Hägglund, find out how to survive in Antarctica, go exploring around the centre, play games and much, much more!

We have a range of programmes guaranteed to excite, inspire and educate:

Be a Husky Musher for a day.

It’s time to experience the super-cool world of the husky, spending a day with a Husky Musher and several of these intelligent and beautiful dogs. 

Children will first learn what it takes to own a Husky and how to safely approach dogs. They’ll discover how Huskies can survive in sub zero temperatures. Then they’ll get to experience such an environment first-hand with their new canine friends, courtesy of an Antarctic storm in our snow and ice room.

They’ll learn how Husky Rescue NZ is finding new homes for Huskies and, after learning how to harness a Husky for sled dog sports, they’ll have the opportunity to ride a proper Husky rig.

This is suitable for children aged 8 – 13 yrs and runs from 9.00am –4.30pm. Cost $79.

Note, this programme is not available during January school holidays.

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Be an Antarctic Penguin Keeper for a day.

For an immersive journey into the world of the smallest penguin in the world there is nothing quite like a day spent learning from our specialist keepers.

What does it take to look after the world’s smallest penguin? What do they eat? Where do they sleep? Do they really dance and/or surf in Hawaii like those animated films would have us believe?

In this ‘deep dive’ into aquatic avian life children join our penguin keepers at the penguin encounter facility, assisting them in their daily routine to look after our wild and wonderful Little Blue Penguins. This experience includes exclusive back stage access to the Vet Room, Plant Room and Penguin Feeding Pulpit. It’s the type of behind-the-scenes encounter that lifelong memories are made of.

This is suitable for children aged 10 – 13 yrs and runs from 9.00am –4.30pm. Cost $79.

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Experience Antarctica Daily Programmes.

Book for a day, experience Antarctic life and learn about a specific element of life on the ice. Book for the week and travel far and wide (metaphorically) across the icy continent!

The themes for each day are:
LIVING IN ANTARCTICA: Put on some genuine Antarctic clothing and pitch a polar tent to protect from the elements.
COUNTRIES OF ANTARCTICA: Discover what countries are where and design your own Antarctic base.
ANTARCTIC EXPLORERS: Could you survive in Antarctica? Take the challenge and find out.
ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS: There is more than just penguins in Antarctica! Discover all the wondrous species.
ACROSS THE ICE: Find out what it takes to be a Hägglund driver.

This is suitable for children aged 6 – 12 yrs and runs from 9am – 4.30pm. Cost $69 or book one full week for $299.

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World record Baby, it’s cold outside

Last month we brought you five interesting world records set in Antarctica.  Since then we’ve been reminded of another…

Eleven babies have been born in Antarctica, and none of them died as infants. Antarctica therefore has the lowest infant mortality…

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Breakfast with the penguins?

Looking for a delicious and unique breakfast experience for your group? We’ve got just the place.
The menu’s great, the view’s spectacular and the service is backed by our little friends in feathered tuxedos. Trust us… everything will go swimmingly.