Storm Dome

The coldest, windiest place on earth

When people ask you how cool your Antarctic Centre visit was you can confidently say, “minus 8º Celsius – but it felt closer to minus 20”.

To experience an Antarctic storm up close and personal you have two options. You can either embark on a gruelling expedition south to the ice. Or you can step through the door into our incredible indoor storm room to see what everyone (and their teeth) are chattering about.

This safe, fun-for-all-ages indoor polar room is chilled to -8 degrees Celsius and buffeted by a -18°Celsius wind chill machine. Every hour a chillingly realistic Antarctic storm blows through and you’ll be happy to shelter in an ice cave (make sure you have brought a warm jacket) – and we’ll provided you overshoes.

After the Antarctic Storm you can also let your hand take the ‘Polar Plunge Challenge’ and experience icy cold Antarctic water (if you think you’re cool enough).