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4 Seasons of Antarctica

4 Seasons of Antarctica & Explorer Legacies

Learn of the stories and hut legacies left by the great Antarctic explorers Scott and Shackleton and experience the stunning light and sound show of the four seasons of Antarctica.

hut (2)

From daylight 24/7 to darkness 24/7, this 6 minute show is stunning, captivating and it ‘snows’ every 6 minutes.

Group - Antarctic Summer web 214x135

Antarctic Storm

Chill out and experience the world's first indoor Antarctic storm!
This safe all-weather indoor polar room is chilled to -5 degrees celsius and is fun for all ages!

Shelter in an ice cave, brave the wind chill machine at -18 degrees celsius, or get ‘exchillarated’ in the Antarctic Storm that blows through every hour.

Visitors from colder climates may wonder what the fuss is about! Visitors from temperate parts of the world will appreciate the novelty of experiencing a simulated Antarctic blizzard but without the freezing snow. After the Antarctic Storm you can also take the ‘Polar Plunge Challenge’ and experience icy cold Antarctic water.
Warm jackets and overshoes are provided, but it would be advisable not to wear jandals or open toed shoes as it is cold.

Hagglund Ride

Climb aboard for an adrenalin and fun filled ride on the amazing all terrain amphibious Antarctic vehicle - the Hagglund!

Sit back, buckle up, hold on and prepare to experience what it's like travelling across rough terrain in this unique and exciting machine.

 Hagglund bursting out of Pond web 214x135

The ride is highly authentic and exciting and simulates the conditions scientists experience riding in a Hagglund across the ice and over mounds, up and down hills, across crevasses and through water!

It’s not a ride for the terribly faint hearted, but the outdoor adventure course is uniquely designed to put the Hagglund through its paces in a fun but safe environment.

The Hagglund ride is around 20 minutes in duration.

Note:  Hagglund Ride included in the GENERAL ADMISSION pass ticket entry.
(An additional charge applies to add a Hagglund ride on to XPRESS pass entry tickets)

For Safety reasons:
– Personal discretion is advised however, we do not recommend this ride for visitors with heart conditions, back or neck pain or if pregnant.
– We recommend children must be at least 5 years old to ride the Hagglund.
– All children must be accompanied by an Adult.
– Children under 5 may ride at parent’s discretion. Children under 3 not permitted.

Penguin Encounter

The Penguin Encounter is New Zealand’s first combined indoor/outdoor Penguin viewing area with capacity to hold up to 26 Little Blue Penguins and allows visitors to view Little Blue Penguins in a Banks Peninsula natural-themed environment that can be accessed on two levels.

E2 - penguin 5Now this is something to squawk about!

The nocturnal nature of the Little Blue Penguin means that most people miss out on sharing in the magic of these little birds…….UNTIL NOW!
The Penguin Encounter is New Zealand’s first combined indoor/outdoor Penguin viewing area with capacity to hold up to 26 Little Blue Penguins and allows visitors to view Little Blue Penguins in a Banks Peninsula natural-themed environment that can be accessed on two levels.

The Penguins held here are birds that have been rescued and cared for, some since they were chicks. Due to physical disabilities that have left them defenceless, many of them would not have survived on their own back in the wild.

Penguin Feeding Times
10.30am & 3.30pm Daily
The best place to watch the feeding is from the outdoor viewing area or downstairs in the pool auditorium as the Penguins dive for their fish.

Please note that due to the wild nature of these birds, feeding times may vary. When you arrive at the Centre, ticketing staff will advise of any varied times for that day.

Ice Voyage

Experience a simulated cruise to Antarctica with spectacularly stunning scenery and realistic animal close ups, together with the excitement of the special 4D effects that will excite your senses and enhance your experience! This is not a show to be missed!

4D Show image (1) 4D Show image (3) 50th 011Filmed by Emmy award-winning cinematographer Mike Single, this high definition movie is the first 3D sequence filmed in Antarctica, around the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia.

Safety notice:
– These shows include realistic 3D imagery, and 4D special effects of seat movement, water spray, air bursts and bubbles.
– Viewer discretion is advised for those suffering neck or back pain, epilepsy or heart conditions.
– The show is considered suitable for all ages, but parental discretion is recommended for children under 5 with regard to the realistic wildlife images and 4D effects.

Husky Zone

Welcome to the Husky Cuddle Zone

Get up close and personal with some of these beautiful dogs in the cuddle zone!

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Huskies used to be the main form of transport down in Antarctica with teams of them pulling sleds for the historic explorers, and right up until the late 1990’s.

We’ve partnered with Husky Rescue NZ to bring these gorgeous animals in to the International Antarctic Centre so you can get up close and personal with some of these beautiful dogs in the cuddle zone, enjoy fluffy Husky cuddles and get some cool selfies!

Join the Huskies in an Antarctic storm!

The Huskies head into their favourite area, ‘Antarctica’, the Snow and Ice experience at 12:20pm, 1:20pm and 2:20pm on the days they are at the attraction, for some real Antarctic fun!

The Huskies are at the International Antarctic Centre from 11am – 3pm on the dates below:

5th March – 12th April 2018:  Fri, Sat, Sun
13th April – 29th April 2018:  Everyday
30th April – 5 July 2018: Fri, Sat, Sun (Additional Day Monday 4th June – Queens Birthday)
6th July – 22 July 2018: Everyday
23rd July – 27th Sept 2018: Fri, Sat, Sun
28th Sept – 14th Oct 2018: Everyday
15th Oct – 9th Dec 2018: Fri, Sat, Sun (Additional Days, 22nd Oct & 16th Nov)
10th Dec 2018 – 3rd March 2019: Everyday (Including Christmas Day)



HD Theatre

HD Movie Theatre

'Beyond the Frozen Sunset' plays on the massive HD screen and featuring breathtaking scenery, follows a seasonal arc from sunset to sunrise weaving in its path elements of immensity that make up this earth's most inhospitable continent, Antarctica.

Filmed by Emmy Award winning film-maker Mike Single, Beyond the Frozen Sunset will take you on a journey of emotions through the magic of the Aurora Australis, the spirit filled historic huts and the overwhelming vastness of the polar plateau. It captivates, stimulates and enchants the mind and soul on the most beautiful and most important place on earth.

The full movie is 17 minutes long and runs continuously in the HD theatre.

The Antarctic Gallery

Antarctica… The coldest, driest and windiest place on earth and more than 98% covered in ice. Incredibly dangerous, the earths 5th largest continent radiates a magical feeling across its untouched vast wilderness of white. Globally important for environmental and climate research, Antarctica is also home to enchanting penguins, seals and wildlife and features spectacular seasonal light displays (aurora’s), stunning glaciers, ice formations and pressure ridges. Then, there are the amazing stories of the historically significant intrepid Antarctic explorers….. Antarctica is quite simply one of the world’s most amazing places and truly the only place on earth that is still as it should be.

In the Antarctic Gallery you’ll enjoy learning about modern day Antarctica from treaty partners and conservation, wild life and sea life, through to a little of life at Scott Base and the experience of flying to Antarctica. See how Scientists and visitors to the ice camp out ‘in the field’ in Polar tents and how they eat, try on some Authentic Antarctic Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) clothing to get a feel for what visitors to the ice experience in order to survive on such an amazing but highly dangerous continent.