Open every day over the School Holidays! 9am - 4.30pm

Open every day over the School Holidays! 9am - 4.30pm

Meet the team: Max

Max likes to think he’s the biggest star on show at the Husky Experience. With his friendly nature, beautiful eyes and love of cuddles, many visitors might agree too. That’s why we asked him to share his thoughts on life here…


Why did you decide to go to the International Antarctic Centre?

“Basically, without getting into too much detail, I had dalliance with a local girl and she got ‘that way’. Now I wouldn’t say I ran away, more that I chose to extract myself from a situation causing harm to my ongoing spiritual development. The local dog police disagreed and, yes, I was incarcerated for some time. Then the IAC team came upon me.

But, really, it was like fate. I’m the coolest dog I know, potentially of ever. And this is the coolest place in town. So I cut a deal and now I put in appearances here, sharing some of the awesomeness of Max with my legions of fans.”


Describe your typical day at work

“Get up, check I’m looking my finest, breakfast, re-check style, get into the centre, style-check, meet my fans, get lots of cuddles and pats. Occasionally there’ll be the odd unhelpful guest who’d rather be paying attention to one of the other dogs here. But I can generally sway them my way.”


What do you like about the job?

“First, there’s the attention from all my fans. Second, there’s the attention from my fans. The spotlight was made for a face like mine. Some of the other dogs here might think I’m a little pretentious or vain. But they’re just jealous of my suave sophistication and incredible handsomeness.”


Are there any challenges at the centre?

“Not really. Although I’m not particularly keen on the shiny floors. I don’t know how you humans walk around all day on them. How do you figure out where the earth stops and your paws start?”


What’s the one thing you want visitors to know about your work?

“Sorry but can I say two things? First, I can never have enough attention. Scritches, pats, boops and cuddles, it doesn’t matter what, I’m ready for them all. Second, I’m not blind! My eyes are just different colours – brown, blue and great for the view. Doctors say my heady-o-cry-me-a-river’s (Heterochromia iridis) doesn’t affect my vision at all.


What’s your favourite song?

I’ll admit I have a love for the dramatic. So I guess my favourite song is Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Free’. Some might even say it’s a theme song?


Who’s your favourite movie?

“Of course Bohemian Rhapsody is a recent favourite. And I loved Zoolander too. What a great documentary!”


Any big career plans?

“Not really. I’ve got people to look and a suitable performance area – what’s not to love?”

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