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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs


How much time should I allow to visit the attraction?

For the General Admission Pass, we say to allow for 2 hours as a minimum to see and do everything for the attraction. You can of course stay for as long as you want!


Can I leave the attraction, and come back later in the day on the same ticket?

Yes, you most certainly can! The pass is yours for the day, so you can come and go when you please.


I see you have lockers available. How much do they hold? 

Our lockers are quite large, and hold approximately one large suitcase and one carry on bag. These are $2.50 for a three hour hire.


Can I come and visit you first and then jump on the Penguin Xpress bus to town?

Yes, of course! We are more than happy for you to come and visit the attraction and then jump on the bus in to town.


Can we take our luggage on the Penguin Bus?

Absolutely! Not a problem at all.


Do I need to bring warm gear to wear in the attraction? 

You don’t need to worry about bringing any warm clothes when you visit the attraction as we have jackets and overshoes for you to wear in ‘Antarctica- The Snow and Ice Experience’. These come in a range of sizes, from S to 3X, and ones for the kids too. By the way, the rest of the attraction is a perfectly normal 22 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about being cold in other parts of the centre!


Can I hold or feed a Little Blue Penguin? 

Our Little Blue Penguins are wild creatures, and even our penguin keepers try to pick them up as little as possible! They do bite, and really don’t enjoy being handled, so for this reason, we don’t allow people to pet or feed them. However, you can see them up close at penguin feeding time, which is at 10.30 am and 3.30 pm daily (their favourite time of the day!). Or if you are after an extra special, exclusive tour, join one of our Backstage Penguin Experiences! Click here for more info.