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Meeting rooms

Corporate explorers needed

Perhaps meetings in Antarctica are always busy and never clichéd is because it’s hard to say “at the end of the day’ when there’s 24 hours of sunshine?

We like to think the International Antarctic Centre meeting and function spaces are similarly inspiring and productive. There is a range of options covering everything from daytime meetings and conferences through to cocktail parties and evening functions.

We’re also a stone’s throw from the Christchurch Airport, making our meeting spaces incredibly convenient for those flying in to the Garden City. And, despite what the penguins might tell you, we don’t just serve fish and sushi. Our in-house catering team provides a wide range of delicious menu options.


Located on the Mezzanine floor, the Sir Ed Room offers views over the atrium area and natural light.

Table Style Maximum 20
Theatre Style Maximum 40

Prices – Excluding GST
Hourly (min 2 hours) $60.00
Half Day (4 hours) $200.00
Full Day (5-8 hours) $350.00


Located on the Mezzanine floor, the Tim Hobson Room has natural light and views to outside. It is our largest room and can be set with round tables.

Table Style Maximum 40
Theatre Style Maximum 70

Price – Excluding GST
Hourly (min 2 hours) $60.00
Half Day (4 hours) $200.00
Full Day (5-8 hours) $400.00


The following equipment is provided free of charge with the hire of the room.
• Data projector and screen
• Whiteboard
• Flipchart
• Wireless internet access


We have a range of options available when you book a function to add on all or part of the Antarctic Attraction.


General Admission takes approximately 2-2.5 hours
to complete.
For groups of 15 or more the tour will be partially guided by one of our attraction guides. Groups smaller then this will be self-guided.
As well as the storm room, Little Blue penguins and gallery, your guests will also be able to watch a 4D movie and experience the Hägglund Ride.


Our 4D theatre seats 48 guests at one time. You will get to experience a simulated ship ride from South America to Antarctica. This 4D movie runs for approximately
12 minutes.


Take a ride on one of our Hägglunds around our purpose-built course. We have designed a track to show the capabilities of the Hägglund all-terrain vehicles that are used on the ice in Antarctica. The ride goes for approximately 10 minutes. The ride is not suitable for those who are pregnant, have back or neck issues or those that have severe motion sickness.

We can add a number of unique features to ensure your meeting is exceptional.

  • Husky dogs to welcome guests
  • Antarctic Centre characters
  • Hägglund all-terrain, amphibian vehicle rides
  • Ice bars and cool cocktails
  • Snow storm experience
  • Ice sculptures
  • Sunset-on-the-ice lighting effects
  • The New Zealand Penguin Encounter

Colony collapse cause for concern

Where have all the penguins gone?

Over the last week a concerning report from Halley Bay has been making newspapers around the world.

The bay is Antarctica’s second largest emperor penguin breeding ground. Or, at least, it was. After…

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Breakfast with the penguins?

Looking for a delicious and unique breakfast experience for your group? We’ve got just the place.
The menu’s great, the view’s spectacular and the service is backed by our little friends in feathered tuxedos. Trust us… everything will go swimmingly.